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Jenny Simone is a 27-year-old professional influencer who enjoys running, fashion, walking, and theatre. She is famous and eccentric but can also be very jealous and a bit picky. Jenny lives in Florida. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course. She has a severe phobia of crocodiles and is obsessed with bottled water. She is currently single. She has been a staunch vegan for five years and loves Greek salad. Open to new experiences, partnerships, and collaborations.

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22 juin 2023

Aquarium, Glasses and Paint

La technique de l'encre dans l'eau, également connue sous le nom d'art marbré, a une longue histoire qui remonte à plusieurs siècles. Son origine exacte est…

22 juin 2023

Le Speed Ramping sur Adobe Premiere Pro

Ah, le speed ramping, une technique géniale pour ajouter du dynamisme et de l'impact à vos vidéos !